3 Tips for Buying Themed Chess

Video games are in fad these days but classic board games are still desired by many.  Hundreds of thousands chess players would suggest that chess is one of the most popular games in the world. Interestingly, with the advancement of technology and hasty lifestyles has not ever done away with playing chess.  With such a craze for playing chess, has by the time changed the sizes, formats and almost all the sets of the chess but not the game rules!  That’s why to make this game more interesting, today there is an array of chess sets available in the market. There you have Marge Simpson and Homer, the pawns becoming version of Bart and so on.



There is a Simpson-themed chess which is quite in a fad these days. However, standard chess sets are still in a wide vogue and the reason may be just to preserve the age-old tradition of this amazing game. Thus, today you can find a wide range of chess sets available and when it comes to choosing the one, chances are there that you can get confused over them. And that’s why we’ve some essential aspects mentioned below to be looked for whilst opting you chess set.

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects just after the design of the chess set. Those of themed chess sets are competitively rather costly; especially those with limited editions. However there’re also another types of sets that are reasonably priced and fit into your budget. Even if you’ve made up you mind to opt for particular type of chess set, it’s very advisable to some research in the market regarding the comparison of the prices. And you always take it up with the help of online research or by asking friends or relatives. This idea of an average cost help you deal the best without unnecessarily spending more than enough.

Those stunning variety of themed chess set may quickly fade. For instance for your Hello Kitty chess set can be not that much attractive by the time as you’d be more interested to the to the other themes that are constantly coming into the market. So until and unless you get your ideal theme, chances are there that your choices keep on changing. If you’ve had enough of your chess set since long, you’d rarely initiate to playing a round even if a guest ask to go for chess! Thus, you need to make sure since you’re spending enough on any themed chess, it should long for more years to come that’s why you need to select those of evergreen themes.

There are some classic themed chess sets that have got much better with their age. So the thing is that you’re not just purchasing a chess set, but rather an impression that should have longer effects on your interest. Thus, opt only for the set which was your best one and will be forever.

Well, it’s not always almost that people only buy chess to play; there are the people who take it as decorations in their homes. In fact, beautifully- themed chess is largely used as a décor piece as it looks so stunning that the visitors will be astonished.

While buying a chess set, you need to ensure whether you want to use it as decoration or want it for a game. This will determine the materials of a chess set you’re buying i.e glass or soft wood materials can be good as a décor pieces but not that suitable for playing daily chess game. Thus while buying the one, ensure the materials depending upon your needs for them.

Chess being such an incredible asset is one of the most stunning attractions in any home. That’s why think over all these important aspects while opting for the one.

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Daniel Fleming is a freelancer writer. He writes for a wide range of subjects including fashion, travel, games etc. According to him chess is still among the most popular in-house game, that’s why he suggests owning a quality chess set from any high street store.

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