5 Most Famous Video Games For Kids

Kids love to play. Although kids enjoy playing with toys, their appetite for video games have increased with time and many kids will do almost anything to get their hands on video games. Video games are not only addictive, they are also quite fun. With many video games out there, you may like to know which are the 5 most famous video games for kids that you can get your kid as a present or as something to help keep him or her busy when not in school or doing homework. Here are some the five most famous video games for kids starting from the most famous.

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Kinect Sesame Street TV
This game is suitable for kids of the age between three and six years. It runs on the Xbox and cots 29.99 us dollars. The age of passively watching Tv is over. With this game, the kid is able to enjoy an interactive Tv watching within the special episodes of Sesame Street TV show. The kid is also able to play with Elmo the game of catch the ball and also shout commands to the character on his or her screen.The game is designed to combine movement interactive and learning.

Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure
This game is developed by Disney Interactive Studios. It is more suitable for kids between four years and seven year. Can be played on both Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS and also from a computer. The computer version goes for about thirty dollars while the other Nintendo version is 39.99 dollars. The game is about being an apprentice to the Fairy Godmother.This means the child becomes the Princess. The Disney princess world is made of the five famous princess; Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel and Diana. The kid will learn things like solving puzzles and platform-jumping.

New Super Mario
This game is more expensive going for about 60 dollars. The game can be enjoyed on Nintendo U. The best thing about this game is that it can be enjoyed by up to five players at the same time hence all your kids can play it together. The game is about searching for Bowser, the princess thief.

FIFA Soccer 13
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FIFA Soccer 13
This game is developed by Electronics Arts and it can be played on several platforms. Your kid can enjoy it on Playstation 3, Xbox, Wii and PSP. It for kids above the age of 8. This is a reality simulation of soccer where the player or players take control of the pitch. The kid can solo play but there is also a multi play option. This game is also enjoyable to adults.

Style Savvy Trendsetters
This game involves running a boutique and helping to satisfy customers request n clothing and fashion. There is both men’s and women’s styles. The game helps kids to learn the fashion world and it costs 40 dollars. Suitable for ages above 9 and is developed by Nintendo.
There also lots of games that one can get his or her kid that are supported on Playstation 3. It is advisable to contact the for details. You can easily get Playstation 3 contact number on your Playstation 3 package.

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