7 Most Popular Online Games For Kids To Learn and Enjoy

A lot of children usually spends many hours in front of computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Some parents may think that they are spending their time finishing up their homework, the chances of them spending much of their time on online games might be bigger. To ensure that your kids are well guided and are not influenced by violent online games it is best to know the most popular and recommended games that they should learn and play.

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Here are the 7 most popular online games for kids to learn and enjoy which you can share with your kids:

1. Poptropica:
This is game is one of the biggest virtual world created for kids. Your kids can enjoy playing and talking to other kids safely, read comics and build good social relationships with others. Players of this game would have to travel and explore different Islands and complete quests to earn medallions and credits. This game will help improve your kids confidence as they get rewarded each time they complete a level!

2. Free Rice:
This game is not only beneficial for your kids but to other kids around the world too! To play the game, kids would have to answer educational questions and gain 10 rice grains that gets donated to a lot of 3rd world and developing countries. Questions would include geography, grammar, literature and a lot more. Surely, your kids will only not learn something new but would also learn how to help others at such an early age.

3. Funbrain:
This game offers math and reading activities for your kids. The site also provides reading materials that are beneficial for your kids while they are having fun playing a variety of arcades. This is a great way to encourage them that learning is fun and enjoyable.

4. Club Penguin:
Club Penguin is a well known online role playing game that your kids will surely love. Kids can create their own penguin avatar and play mini games to earn virtual coins that they can spend on the website’s virtual store. Let your kids explore the winter wonderland and have some fun!

5. Arcademic Skill builders:
Your kids will find tons of educational games covering Math, Geography, Language Arts and many more. This is also a multi player game and kids can compete with other kids from their class or kids all around the world.

6. EdHeads:
The games that your kids can play are designed to get and explain complex concepts simply. This game will also broaden their scientific curiosity and educational horizons for young learners.

7. Toontown Online:
This is a Walt Disney game that children will definitely love. It is set in a 3D world which is based on classic Disney characters and cartoons. Your kids can either play mini games or subscribe to get full access to other games offered on the site.
It is very important that all children are well guided on their day to day tasks and are well taken cared of. Obtain a child support phone number to easily protect, cater, and attend to children’s needs.

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