A Guide to World of Warcraft Guides – Leveling

Are you a new World of Warcraft player, or a veteran looking to level up a new character? If so you might have thought about buying a WoW 1-90 leveling guide. However you might also know just how many there are, and that could be putting you off of actually buying one. Which is exactly why I am here to help!

heard of Zygor

There are a massive amount of leveling guides out there today, including both text based and addons. I am going to give you a list of the top 3 and inform you about all their pros and cons. Hopefully helping you to decide which is best for you. So without anymore time wasting, let’s get started with the important bit!

Zygors Guides: Now if you have played WoW and looked into guides before, then you will have heard of Zygor. Zygor Guides are always amazing quality. They have been around for years and won’t be going anywhere soon.

Now as for their leveling guide, just like every other guide they have done it is extremely impressive. It is now in the form of an addon that makes questing much easier than it used to be.

The addon is very easy to use, very detailed with its explanations and the waypoints are extremely accurate, taking you to the exact point you need to be most of the time. Because this is an in-game Addon there is no more having to print things out or minimize to read up some notes. Everything is done for you right there in the game. It also automatically installs and updates, so you don’t have to waste your time fiddling around trying to get it to work.

To top everything off they also give you a copy of their Loremaster Achievements guide for free! They also offer a free trial so you can try before you buy.

Dugi’s WoW Guides: Dugi’s guides, like zygor’s are very high quality and come in many shapes and forms. However today, just like before, we are going to be focusing on their leveling guide, which is also in the form of an in-game addon.

start at level 1

Dugi’s guides offer a streamlined 1-90 leveling path that is very optimized for efficiency, giving you some of the quickest 1-90 leveling times. It also has quite a minimalist design, meaning you do not have to deal with a whole lot of onscreen clutter, which is actually very handy. It also offers guides for all the starting zones of every race and class.

However the thing that makes this guide stand out is its flexibility. You don’t have to start at level 1 and follow the guide at every step. You can jump in at any level and it will still be just effective. Meaning that you can go off and do battlegrounds or instances when ever you want, and come back to the guide without any problems. It also accounts for rested EXP and heirlooms, so you won’t ever level up faster than the guide can account for.

This is an extremely well optimized guide that also comes with a free trial.

Joana’s Leveling Guides: Joana’s 1-90 leveling guide was written by Paul Lucas, a man known for being one of the fastest levelers of all time. He was one of the first to write a detailed horde leveling guide back in the early days, and has had a lot of experience in making leveling guides since then.

This guide is like the other two in many ways, with it being an in-game addon designed to give you the fastest leveling routes possible. However the difference to this guide is that it is incredibly fast. Whereas the others have been designed for flexibility, this has been designed to get you to 90 in the fastest time possible through giving you the most optimized quest routes.

The downside to this guide is that it is a bit more expensive than the others, but you really do get what you pay for. This guide when done right is the fastest of them all, and perfect for those looking to get to 90 without wasting any time.

I hope this guide has helped you, and if you want to read more then head on over to my site at http://www.wow-strategy.com

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