A Sneak Peek into the World of Gaming

Gaming is a wonderful world of virtual make-believe; it is an interactive way of entertainment. It finds its target audience not merely amongst adolescents but also among adults and kids. The history of gaming dates back to 1950’s when the first video game was released.

World of Gaming

Mobile, TV, computers, gaming consoles, hand-held video games have become a very crucial part of our lives as they provide entertainment and recreation for the mind and body. Here’s a sneak peek into the gaming industry.

Lifecycle of a Game

  • The creative team comes up with an idea & presents it to the R&D team who studies the market and feasibility of the idea.
  • Once the R&D team gives a green flag, the idea is sent across to the programming & development team to improvise and build a framework for the game.
  • Alpha testing begins in the early stages of game development. An alpha tester starts to work on the drawbacks and fixes from a point where the game becomes playable.
  • Beta testing jobs start just before the game that is set to be released into the market. A beta tester acts like an end user and plays the game from beginning till the end to report bugs and glitches, if any. He also provides feedback and suggestions to improve the game to increase its ability to entertain.

Challenges and Threats

  • Gaming piracy is a very big threat for the industry in which the efforts of developers and testers literally go in vain due to pirated versions of games which are made available online.
  • The capital requirement for research and development and testing of a game is also a big challenge as there are not many sponsorers or venture financers available to invest such a huge amount of money right from the initial stages.
  • As the gaming industry is relatively young, the competition is cut throat when it comes to innovation and technological advancements.
  • Although the gaming industry is booming, marketing and revenue generation remains a big area of headache. Companies cannot generate revenue if they only depend on the sales of a game. They have to strategize and market the game in a way that they can earn money via sponsorships, targeted ads, online gaming competitions, subscriptions, and tie-ups with other companies that manufacture gaming hardware.

Gaming as a career

  • Career possibilities in gaming entertainment industries are extremely diverse. Gaming enthusiasts who have a knack for creativity and visualization can make big bucks.
  • The job is quite challenging and demands long hours of work when the release deadlines have to be met. It also requires presence of mind and a keen eye for details. A committed and goal oriented person who has the desire to excel in this field can definitely reap the benefits.
  • The job satisfaction level is recorded to be the highest in this industry due to the nature of work and the kind of work culture adopted by gaming companies.

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Colin Beckett picks on the games niche that have amused the world since immemorial. He also speaks in favor of beta testing jobs which keep you engrossed in your duty the passionate way possible.

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