Everything You Need to Know About CPTL

Having a comprehensive motor insurance is a responsibility that car owners should take seriously. Being covered by such policy enables motorists to get protected from any sudden financial expenses due to car accidents.

About CPTL - Everything You Need to Know About CPTL

Apart from the comprehensive insurance policy, motorists also need an insurance policy that covers third-party people. This insurance coverage is called compulsory third-party liability or CTPL.

Here’s why you need to start using compatible SFPs

If you’re looking into buying an SFP, also known as a small form-factor pluggable, there is one fact that you’ll have noticed immediately: SFPs are very expensive. The vendors charge a significant amount of money for their devices, which a lot of businesses can’t afford.

Network System - Here’s why you need to start using compatible SFPs

When buying your SFPs from a vendor, you can pretty much rest assured that the product you’ll be receiving is quality. However, is quality really worth all that money when you can have a product of the same quality for a significantly lower price?

Pokémon says about the future of technology

This article highlights three things that Pokémon says about the future of technology. It describes the recent and future impact Pokémon Go app has and will have on the citizens of the world.

Pokemon Go

Advancing digital world

It’s a digital world where almost everyone owns a smart phone. This means, with the Pokémon game craze everyone will be interested in it. The problem is although it shows little augmented reality during screen play, it suggests that our minds will expand and improve which will in turn help us in decision making. While this could be an effect, it will lead to addiction of the game by individuals leading to solitary lives and discourage social physical contact.

Making Your Own Perfect Gaming Sanctuary

Enjoying a game or two can be just the thing you need to relax after a hard day’s work. But, unless you’re able to do it in peace, it may be difficult. After all, to fully immerse yourself in in a game of your choice you need to be able to concentrate without being bothered. Here are some tips on making your sanctuary a gaming haven.

Gamer zone

Find Yourself a Sweet Spot

Whether you have a big or small house, you should look for a separate space where you can keep your gaming rig. A basement or an attic are good if stereotypical choices. You can transform either of them into a video game room people will be in awe of. Don’t forget to take into account how much space you have at your disposal. It will affect your gear setup and gaming quality. Consider that gaming can be a loud activity. Make sure your gaming space is well insulated or far enough so your family or housemates won’t be disturbed. 

Benefits of Regular Gaming on Students

For some parents, video games are a big no-no for their kids, even those who attend the best international school in the Philippines. It has always been said that video games are bad for your children especially if their gaming habits are not kept in check. Everything in excess is dangerous, not just video games. Sometimes, parents focus more on the negative effects of video games instead of the positive ones. Video games are leisurely fun, but who says they can’t teach you anything? Here are the benefits regular gaming can have on students.


Video games help teach and foster your children’s creativity and problem solving skills. Have you seen the level of complexity games nowadays have? Some people pull their hair out in frustration, unable to figure out how to get past the current obstacle. In games, the player has to plan and try different approaches to advance onto the next level. There is also “modding” which allows players to customize their character’s appearance, or change the way some of the interface of the game works. This needs a deep understanding of how a game runs, including its art and architecture. Not only does that encourage kids to do a little computer science, but also develop their art skills and be a way for them to express their creativity and personality.