Batman games: A true Super hero

If you are among those who love playing online games, then Batman games are the ideal one for you. Ask any child who his favorite superhero is, most of them will surely reply as Batman. As children, we all adore and idolize some superhero or other. The dark knight with his sheer strength and cunningness gets the bad guys without the use of any super powers.

Batman games

Now, you can fulfill your desires to be the Dark knight who rescues the world from the Evil joker by playing free online Batman games to your heart’s content. No matter whether you want to solve the mystery behind the Batwoman, or rescue the other heroes is where you can fulfill your wishes umpteen times. All you have to do is to log on to this site and browse through the categories and choose the game you want to play. And you are ready to be a part of the adventure of the batman. What‘s more you can do all this right from the comfort of your own home.

Online games are really fun to play. There are games for single players as well as multi-players. Batman games are quite popular among kids and teens. The best part of these games is that you can play these games a number of times and get a feeling of true heroism.

Today online batman games are available in several styles. Some of the games are in the form of cartoons while others are realistic. Still others are based on the movie version of the Superhero. If you are among those who like the comic book version, then such a version is also available for you to play and enjoy.

Most of these online games involve the superhero driving different types of vehicles and collecting points. The player can modify his tools, change the settings and have the feel of the game. Then there are the shooting games, skill games and the strategy games which players will surely enjoy. Choose from Games like The Brawl, The Batman Sky creeper, The Night Defender and lots more.

One of the most popular games played online are The Batman Dark Knight, Batman revolutions, The Ice cold getaway etc. In the Dark knight game, the joker is always up to something deadly and funny. Our superhero finds that the joker is planning to blow up the Gotham city. The batman knows how to diffuse the bombs but he has to do it quickly to save the Gotham city. So as a player you have to use your stealth and cleverness to diffuse the bombs which explodes first. In each scene, the player will get extra time as a bonus which is equal to the total time it takes for the bombs to explode. If you want to play like your superhero read more to find out.

For those who want to enjoy other characters, there is The Joker or Cat woman. In these games players can put Batman in different scenarios like grappling a hook, saving the world from bad guys and much more.

If you are a batman fan, you would have surely enjoyed reading his books, watching him on television. Now it is time to take part in some real adventure by playing online batman games. A range of these games is available at Batmangamesx. Be a part of the adventure and feel the rush of adrenaline.

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