Benefits of Regular Gaming on Students

For some parents, video games are a big no-no for their kids, even those who attend the best international school in the Philippines. It has always been said that video games are bad for your children especially if their gaming habits are not kept in check. Everything in excess is dangerous, not just video games. Sometimes, parents focus more on the negative effects of video games instead of the positive ones. Video games are leisurely fun, but who says they can’t teach you anything? Here are the benefits regular gaming can have on students.


Video games help teach and foster your children’s creativity and problem solving skills. Have you seen the level of complexity games nowadays have? Some people pull their hair out in frustration, unable to figure out how to get past the current obstacle. In games, the player has to plan and try different approaches to advance onto the next level. There is also “modding” which allows players to customize their character’s appearance, or change the way some of the interface of the game works. This needs a deep understanding of how a game runs, including its art and architecture. Not only does that encourage kids to do a little computer science, but also develop their art skills and be a way for them to express their creativity and personality.

Video games inspire children to learn history and culture. Several games have been using history as the plot for their games. Such games are Civilization, which guides the player through several ages of countries, and the entire Assassins’ Creed series, where every installment is set in a different country’s specific and important moment in their history. They can spark children’s interests in the history and cultures of other countries.

Video games offer a chance to bring parents and their kids together. There are so many family friendly games that can be a great bonding activity for the family. Guitar Hero can bring out the music lover in them, and parents and children can share with their family members their favorite songs, and what parent wouldn’t like it if their children listened to their favorite songs from the eighties? Game systems are now more novice friendly, so if it’s someone’s first try, it’s okay! This bonding and fun time can bring children closer to you, which can lead to your child sharing their thoughts with you.

Video games encourage your kids to exercise. If your children learn about new sports in video game, there’s a chance they’ll want to take up that sport. Sports video games display real life athletes do amazing plays, and this can inspire your child to go out and practice with the sport they chose, and they could get better, and could lead to increased time with the sport and exercising in real life, too.

Don’t be afraid that your children will fall into bad habits if you allow them to play video games. Even the best international school in the Philippines (best international school in the Philippines) recognized this effect in the school habit. You should also be active keeping their time, and watch that they should be playing the games their age is restricted to. Don’t forget to have fun!


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