Best Android Apps for Kids

The era where we feared that technology is going to corrupt our kids is long since gone. Today, we accept its help in raising our kids and use it as an efficient didactic tools. The most important thing about these apps is that through their vividness and interactivity, they invoke an intrinsic motivation amongst your kids and as such, create a much better learning platform. This being said, here are some of the best android apps which may help educate your kids.

Playing Game

The Cat in the Hat

What better way to teach your child to love a good book, than with an application made to celebrate one of the greatest masterminds ever to write in children’s literature Dr. Seuss? This application made as an interactive story catalogue of Dr. Seuss’s stories is truly something quite unique and as such a must have for your kid. Not only will The Cat in the Hat act favorably towards your kid’s reading disposition, but also increase his or hers reading skills. A clear win-win situation if there ever was one, as well as an opportunity that you as a parent cannot afford to miss out on. 

Dragonbox Algebra

Now, that we covered reading, what your kid may need is a way to improve its math skills. This is where Dragonbox Algebra simply has no match. Needless to say, through an interesting series of graphic and fun math tasks, your children will learn their way around numbers. Furthermore, for kids at such young ages as this game is recommended for (5+) this game is an invaluable learning tool. In fact, it would be safe to assume that Dragonbox algebra will teach your kids the basics of algebra more effectively than any elementary school course ever could.

Free Rice

Finally, perhaps these applications can learn your kid something about morality, ethics and humanity as well. Namely, game Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice to World Food Programme, for every correct answer your child gives. In this way, they do not only strive towards rooting out world hunger, but also teach your child that knowledge can be used to help make the world a better place. The areas on which this quiz focuses are mostly English, Geography, Humanities and similar, which means that for your kid to really excel at it, it will have to become a genuine erudite.


Even though they are core of the modern education, reading and counting are not the only skills that your kid will need in life. Games like Poptropica are there to boost your kid’s problem solving abilities as well as to help them get around some of the most difficult puzzles. By wandering the incredible digital sea and visiting some of its amazing islands like BIG NATE, your child’s imagination will constantly be turned towards self-improvement. As we already mentioned, the fun that your kid will have in the process will work as the best motivator.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Now, some say that Minecraft is like playing with Lego in digital world and this is as accurate comparison as it gets. Not only will your child have countless hours of fun this way, but also learn something about nature, resource management as well as be encouraged to develop its creativity. All of this, makes Minecraft a great addition to this android didactic arsenal.

As you can see, each and every one of these apps can make a great difference in a life of a young child. However, the greatest difference that it makes is that it turns learning into something fun. Some kids later develop aversion towards education of any kind, but this kind of entertaining approach can ensure that your kid is off to a great start.

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