Complete Pack of fun and Entertainment

People are searching for options and alternatives to relax and are finding the complete pack of entertainment and fun. Certainly, there is nothing better than playing games. Let us take a look at the below mentioned games which are quite popular these days.

Titanfall Fracture Battle

Titanfall was introduced a month before. EA as well as Respawn Entertainment futuristic shooter is regarded as most predictable releases of this year, and now the Microsoft has also thrown open beta floodgates to each Xbox Oneowner. It is well known that how the games will be played when Joe Public gets their hands on it. Just read the initial most impressions, or for rundown you need to be sure to check the news hub of Titanfall. Do not just expect to blown away by visuals once you drop in a game.

The stick of truth or South Park which is quite remarkable and popular that how the creator of South Park, Trey Parker as well as Matt Stone have gradually ramped up shock value above the last 17 years to keep show sharp. I am floored that how funny it is time after time and also how well outrageous comedy will melds with comparatively simple game play which create not only the amazing game of South Park, but the intelligent as well as witty satire of the role playing mechanics.

Lords of Shadow 2: Castlevania returns in the classic adventure set in open, these days. Fans of this series would also play as the Dracula for initial most time and it also uncover shocking secrets which are behind the saga of “Lords of Shadow”!

Lords of Shadow 2

However, dracula is well resurrected again, weakened as well as yearning for the release from their immortal bonds. They are also threatened by the Satan, who returned to bring the apocalypse as well as ultimate revenge for their defeat entire those centuries. Dracula should also reacquire their powers of the old and make the pact with the Death for defeating the Devil, and also gain their eternal rest.

At the same time, seeking the destruction of Dracula is also famed Belmont clan that has entered the castle of Dracula. This is the truth behind the most mysterious ancestry. Moreover, fight between the good and evil comes to the close as Dracula is faced with their nemesis, Satan, and their ancestors who are unyielding the quest for a revenge

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