Here’s why you need to start using compatible SFPs

If you’re looking into buying an SFP, also known as a small form-factor pluggable, there is one fact that you’ll have noticed immediately: SFPs are very expensive. The vendors charge a significant amount of money for their devices, which a lot of businesses can’t afford.

Network System - Here’s why you need to start using compatible SFPs

When buying your SFPs from a vendor, you can pretty much rest assured that the product you’ll be receiving is quality. However, is quality really worth all that money when you can have a product of the same quality for a significantly lower price?

Compatible SFPs are virtually the same as SFPs. The only difference is that compatible devices don’t have the branding that vendor SFPs have. In fact, they’re so similar that they’re often made in the same factory; some have branding, some don’t, but they come from the same place.

If you’re looking into SFPs, here are a few reasons you should consider compatibles before buying vendor products.

Is SFP branding actually important?

Have you ever had SFPs in the past before these that you’re purchasing now? If you have, consider this: how much attention have you paid to the branding on the SFPs that you’ve owned and used in the past? If a guess was necessary, we’d presume that you’ve never paid much attention as long as the device works.

As long as your SFP works, what does it matter what logo emblazons it? It doesn’t!

Compatible SFPs do exactly the same thing as those that you’ll be able to purchase from a vendor; they just do it for a fraction of the price. Does branding really matter that much if both devices offer the same performance?


As we mentioned before, there is no difference between an SFP from a vendor and one from a compatible manufacturer, so why would you pay significantly more for the branded device when you know that you’re essentially ending up with exactly the same thing?

A compatible SFP is a lot cheaper than a branded device from a vendor, so don’t waste your money on branded products when you can have the same performance from a compatible device.

Saving finances over style

When you can save so much money with compatible SFP, the mind boggles at the fact that a lot of people would still choose to go with a branded device. Why would you make that choice?

There’s an unfair reputation when it comes to compatible devices. Simply because the devices aren’t branded, people seem to perceive them as a lesser version of the branded edition.

Regardless of the name that’s on your device, you’re getting the same performance. Forget about branding; think about your budget instead and how much better it will look if you choose compatible devices.

Are there any differences whatsoever?

After reading the rest of this article, you might be wondering what compatible SFPs are bad at; there must be something that means people choose not to buy them. However, the only difference between these two devices, as we said before, is the fact that one is branded, and it costs a whole lot more. Otherwise, there are no signs that compatible devices aren’t just as good as their branded counterparts.

With no difference in quality, performance or lifespan, it seems that there’s nothing to justify the completely different price tags that you’re greeted with when you look at both compatible and branded devices.

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