Honami -An Adopted Kid, Celebrated By Social Media

You know how it feels like to be an un-named person, if no then ask Honami, who was struggling with name, at least according to rumors. However, it finally gets a name, now Honami is known as Xperia i1 Honami. Honami must be feel like a celebrity kid, who is been in news from months as everyday there is a new rumors about its name, about its features as well as about its price.

Honami affected by rumors?

These rumors are definitely in existence because of the so called social sites. These people on social networking sites think they know everything, I know about the liberty and everything but for one second think about manufacturers, who get hurt form these rumors…Ok may be I am wrong as there is no point in getting hurt. Conversely, they are actually happy to get so much marketing without paying single penny. Many features of this Smartphone is been leaked online at different times. However, the official announcement will be made on second week of September by Honami but let’s discuss about various features that are been leaked in last few months.

Rumored features of Xperia i1 Honam

You might be thinking, what kind of features are making xperia different from other? not believing rumors, one should trust reality. According to the rumors this latest Smartphone will be the king of all Smartphone till the date. It is also better than the previous versions of Xperia Smartphone. This latest magic will includes a fine 5” luminous screen that is 1920 X 1080, a fine X-Reality engine and superb contrast ratio of 2000:1. It will include 2GB RAM, which is almost equal to a computer. Camera also includes interchangeable lenses. In case, you like music then this phone can surely surprise you with its superb dual speakers. Its hard damage proof front glass believes to be, which is known to be one of the strongest glasses in any Smartphone.

Those people who travel a lot and don’t get to charge their batteries then this phone is definitely a great solution for them. This phone has a new improved battery with a power of 3000mAH. This time the manufacturers give special preference to phone’s battery and also include a special feature of Stamina mode. One of the most important features of any Smartphone is its looks as appearance is always the first impression on everyone and this Smartphone will certainly attract you towards its looks. This stunning phone possess two type of bodies, while on one hand body is made up of glass combine with metal, the other hand glass is combine with carbon fiber body. This new name phone has a Bluetooth power of 4.0, which is not bad. This phone also includes some other features like IP 55/58 dust resistance, water resistance and even shock resistance, so no worries about sudden shock therapy. These are some rumored features of Honami, which is now known as Xperia i1 Honami.

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