How to Beat Candy Crush Saga Level 70 – Some Handy Tips

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games being played on iPhone, iPad as well as on Android phones. If you notice carefully, you will see many people playing these games on their smartphones even on the move. Therefore it is well understood how engaging and addictive this game can be.

Candy Crush Saga

Once you start playing the game and cross levels successfully, you will not be able to give up the game easily. Though the initial stages of the game are easy, things start getting complicated as you climb up the levels. Infact it might require two-three attempts to clear one level and get to another. Sometimes you just need to keep trying various moves to successfully go to the next level.

One problem of keeping on trying is that you will lose your lives. You have to either ask your friends or buy lives. One of the difficult levels in the game is that of level 70. It is a jelly level game, with controlling licorice and chocolate side by side. Another thing that adds to the complication of the game is that at this level, the game is divided into two boards.

It is important to balance both the boards so that the best results are obtained. A mistake in balancing the moves on the boards will make things all the more complex. All the jelly is placed on the right side of the board and the licorice and chocolate rows are also on the right side only. Get Level 70 Candy Crush help and clear all the jellies and score 60,000 points. Players will get 45 moves to do the same.

Here are some tips that can help you beat Candy Crush Level 70:

  • Start playing from the right side board only. However, be careful so that you do not affect the licorice cages. The chocolate squares will be released and the whole thing will become complicated. Try removing as many jellies as you can.
  • Suppose there are no more moves on the right board and some of the jellies are cleared, shift your attention to the left board. If you are lucky in arranging some striped candies horizontally, it will help in breaking the chocolate squares. A combination of striped and wrapped candy can deal with the licorice row and the chocolate row at once. Once these two rows are cleared playing this level is easy.
  • Do not be elated as some of the jellies might still be there on the right side board. Concentrate fully on that now and try removing them in minimal moves. A combination of striped and wrapped candy can move many jellies easily. Other normal combinations will also work. If you finish the level with more moves remaining, you can increase your point table easily.

The walkthrough for Level 70 with tips makes playing this level of Candy Crush Saga quite easy. However, the final impact will be with the moves that you make for the game. Though knowing the strategy and game plan is definitely a major help.

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