Inclusion of Technology in Gaming World

Games and sports have been entertaining mankind since the dawn of human civilization. It is one mode of entertainment that has opened up with the advent of technology more than any other thing in this world. Similar way the physical aspect of the game has been drawn upon on the mental context and gradually, the open arena of the contest has been transformed inside the room of one’s house.  It is the technology that has made these things happened in this modern age. And with the gradual modification in the technology, development has also been done in the gaming process as well.

Playing Game
Advent Of Technological Games

Tech games as Xbox
With the advent in the latest technological up gradation in the arena of gaming, Xbox is a very popular gaming platform owned by Microsoft. Launched in the year 2005 which was the upgraded version of the previous Xbox console and thus it was much ahead in functionality than its predecessors, with added features like motion sensors and voice commands, which can be played even without the use of joystick or any such other device.

Effects and benefits
As it is a common affair to have  a videogame in each and every household nowadays, it is the parents who are mostly concerned with the effects of technological games on their children; they are mostly in the assessing stage whether the effects are on the negative or positive verge. Though the effects are still on the process of conclusion, its benefits are however on the open.

  1. Tech Games can help in cure of depression – certain studies show that playing video games can help in improving conditions like mental fatigue and even in cases like acute depression.
  2. Helps in education – video games can even help in gaining knowledge about various subjects as playing in the online console makes the player update regularly with the various topics and subjects.
  3. Act as pain reliever also – Playing technological games not only gives relieve from mental pain, but it also helps in reducing physical pains as well as according to some studies have revealed.
  4. Improve decision making skills – Playing technological games needs lots of concentration and analytic skills, that ultimately improves the decision making skills to the highest level.
  5. Keeps us happy – playing in the technical console often leads our mind fresh and helps us remain happy and contended to the fullest.

Though technological games are very much realistic in nature and even it gets the feel of real action that many of the children accustomed to therefore it provides with some new horizon of teaching and education. As many schools and institutes in the world use the help of technological games to provide learning or to teach process of driving, or critical medical surgery or even flying plane. They just take up these as in the process of simulation. Therefore benefits of technological games are innumerous.

This piece of writing is mostly emphasized on the nature of technological games, and its effects and benefits on the society.

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