Major Differences between a Gaming Laptop and a Desktop

If you are trying to decide whether to get a laptop or a desktop for your gaming needs, then you will have to sit down and make a long list of cons and pros to help you out. Laptop technology has come a long way, and it is already evident that they can pack a punch, but just how strong?

Gaming Laptop

Do You Move Around A Lot?

You can use your gaming rig to work as well, meaning that if you have a job that demands a lot of computing power, you will have yourself something amazing to work with. Nevertheless, one of the biggest points laptops have on desktops is their mobility. You will be able to work, or game, wherever you are. Though, the tougher the rig for your laptop, the heavier it will be as well, meaning that it will not be so easy to carry it around.

Using Benchmark Programs to Test Actual Performance

Seeing as most people do not understand gaming mechanics that well and instead of translating every single notion, it is better to use a benchmarking software that will tell them exactly what they need to know. With it, you will be able to see just how powerful your configuration is, and if you can run your favorite game or not. Though, keep in mind, no matter how strong a gaming laptop might be, you can rarely come close to the desktop’s might. But, in the near future, we can see that becoming a reality, and even more, because laptops are becoming real powerhouses in terms of performance.

Upgradability Is a Big Issue

Desktops are great because you have the option to fully upgrade your rig, without having to call in the experts every time. Though, you will have to look into what is a good combination with what you already have. On the other hand, laptops have a limited upgradability curve, making them a great choice, but only if you can get one which can hold out for a couple of years before having it changed.

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The Issue of Graphics

Every good gamer knows that without a good graphics card, you cannot do anything useful on your computer. And, to make matters more interesting, major graphics card companies are trying to make mobile GPUs as strong as their desktop counterparts, and soon enough it will be more than just a dream. The good thing is that most laptop parts are energy-efficient and they will always trump their desktop brethren in that.

Custom Building Your Computer Setup

Bringing the most out of your computers will be an important feat to achieve, but sometimes it is hard to combine the right components without having to consult professionals first. Nevertheless, be sure to check out Lenovo notebook parts, not only for replacement, but for upgrade possibilities as well. After all, if you could make your laptop more powerful, without having to increase its power consumption, why not go ahead?

In essence, at the end, it all boils down to personal preference and whether or not you want more mobility or more power. However, as things are looking now, games have been stagnant for a while, meaning that most new-generation laptops and desktop configurations can handle them without any issues. Moreover, it will also depend on whether you would like to see everything in full HD with plenty of FPS to go around, or if you prefer to play on a medium configuration, because that will be a crucial factor in determining your gaming rig’s overall final price.

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