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Pac-Man is considered as most familiar video games in the history of games, even at the level these days. PAC-MAN for PC is basically creation of Japanese and was created by Namco, in the year 1982 it got released in USA. Pac-Man was basically great success and it also becomes the key icon of famous culture of gaming culture.


The Pac-man also managed to motivate the cereal, which is the animated TV series and also best 40 pop single. Moreover, the appearance of Pac-Man was basically inspired by pizza where slice was missing. Pac-Man eventually became best-selling games which is coin-operated in the entire gaming history. More than 350,000 of the Pac-Man machines were created and were also sold all around world.

The original game of Pac-Man was basically comprised of about 256 levels. Because of the bug, on the other hand, only initial most 255 levels are also playable. Right half of the level 256 is the most jumbled mess as well as level may not get finished. Hence, the greatest achievable score is about 3,330,360 that may be only attained by eating all fruit, power pellet, blue ghost and dot for about 255 levels.

Because of Pac-Man’s unexpected and long enduring admiration Namco was perpetually forced to give the gamers something which is quite new. The notable as vital was the Ms. Pac-Man that featured various improvements as well as changes like the faster gameplay, additional mazes, latest intermissions as well as moving of the bonus items.

Others also not take the scope which was discontinued & forgotten later. Pac-Man was considered more than a game; however for entire generation this became a new culture. Pac-man not only attracted small kids and young generation people but also doctors, lawyers, grandparents and every other person was delighted to play.

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