Pokémon says about the future of technology

This article highlights three things that Pokémon says about the future of technology. It describes the recent and future impact Pokémon Go app has and will have on the citizens of the world.

Pokemon Go

Advancing digital world

It’s a digital world where almost everyone owns a smart phone. This means, with the Pokémon game craze everyone will be interested in it. The problem is although it shows little augmented reality during screen play, it suggests that our minds will expand and improve which will in turn help us in decision making. While this could be an effect, it will lead to addiction of the game by individuals leading to solitary lives and discourage social physical contact.

With the introduction of the game, there will be an increase of better technological devices as competitors will strive to compete. For example, Disney world innovations have to come up with new ideas or else will go out of business. This will ensure that the market key players of mobile applications will keep streaming their recent innovations to avoid going extinct or be on the sideline.

Bridging the physical and virtual

The game tries to merge the real world with the virtual. This meanings the innovation has incorporated the Google maps and Geo locations. Every street, shop, gas station or park is virtual and present in the environments of the game. As the game is about catching the elusive Pokémon, he uses these actual environments to hide or escape so that the gamer can find him.

This has created realism never seen before. In fact some shop owners have developed other modifications in their Wi-Fi systems to lure Pokémon into their joints. This has seen more customers streaming into the shops in hopes of catching Pokémon an in turn increase their sales.

Worldwide fashion

Pokémon Go is an amazing app whose popularity has hit the roof. Every smart phone is likely to have it. Thus the question whether it is a fashion or a basic need. It’s estimated in near future it will beat customer base of apps like what’s app and Google search engines to be the first game app in history to have merged virtual reality and spear head production of more quality products like it. Thus in future the game will still be on high demand.

Find your Destination

Cities in the world are growing rapidly side by side with the human population. They are turning into dense concrete jungles. This makes it nearly impossible to locate significant locations in big cities especially for new comers. Thus in future, with successes of Pokémon development and advancement it will be possible to find even the most insignificant locations anywhere. Think of getting into a new city and do not need physical maps or directions from any tour guides or even your complicated Google maps. You just switch on your Pokémon Go app, command it to screen and find a location you need then follow him to your destination.  The world becomes even smaller with no fear of exploration. Cool right?


Author Bio: The author of this guest article is john Streaks. He is a graduate and a holder of bachelor degree in computer science and has been a media consultant for many years. Midnightessays.com

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