Premium Options in MMORPGs

We already wrote a bit about differences between pay to play and free to play games. We mentioned premium options in free to play games, or better called, Freemium games. This term is very awkward for me. For every player who tried to play seriously at least one game with premium payment model, word premium automatically awakens association to spending enormous sum of money whenever you try to be competitive. On the other hand, free to play term sounds so fantastic that no player can resist it. Even me, with so many games played and so many disappointments, always have new hope when I see some free to play game. And so far, seems to me that all free to play games turn out to be so expensive in the end that they are just not worth the effort and the money.

City of Towers in ArcheAge

It is totally understandable why players desperately look for hacks and cheats of RPGs or MMORPGs which would help them with massive expenses in the game. And when I look at all those free to play games, it really seems fairer to me to get those pay to play games. They are much better bargain. But, you know what the problem is with pay to play games? There is no more pay to play games! Only a handful of pay to play games remained today. Most of these games are either closed, or had to change their payment model to free to play.

Take for example The Secret World, my favorite modern MMORPG. This game has awesome story, unique quests, original game mechanics and many more advantages. But it seems like the basic idea of the game was not appealing enough for the players and the game never gathered enough players to support its pay to play model. Only year after it was released, Secret world switched to free to play model. In the beginning, it seemed that it was really free to play. The game content was completely free, and you needed to play only for the expansions.

This is very similar to popular saga game farm heroes and cheat tools for farm heroes are easily available. Game developers promised to release one expansion every two months for the price of 5$ per expansion. In reality, expansions are 10e each, and they are much smaller than it was planned. In the meantime more premium items are introduced, turning this game into full premium game which costs twice as much as it would cost as pay to play game.

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