3 Tips for Buying Themed Chess

Video games are in fad these days but classic board games are still desired by many.  Hundreds of thousands chess players would suggest that chess is one of the most popular games in the world. Interestingly, with the advancement of technology and hasty lifestyles has not ever done away with playing chess.  With such a craze for playing chess, has by the time changed the sizes, formats and almost all the sets of the chess but not the game rules!  That’s why to make this game more interesting, today there is an array of chess sets available in the market. There you have Marge Simpson and Homer, the pawns becoming version of Bart and so on.



There is a Simpson-themed chess which is quite in a fad these days. However, standard chess sets are still in a wide vogue and the reason may be just to preserve the age-old tradition of this amazing game. Thus, today you can find a wide range of chess sets available and when it comes to choosing the one, chances are there that you can get confused over them. And that’s why we’ve some essential aspects mentioned below to be looked for whilst opting you chess set.