Should Web Designers Enroll in Game Design Courses?

Considering how important game design is to the development of a successful video game, a lot depends on the engineers, graphic artists and technical professionals who are part and parcel of the process. Game design involves designing content and rules of a game during the pre-production stage. During the production stage, it involves designing gameplay, storyline, characters and environment. Most web designers may benefit from understanding the process of game design.

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How is web designing related to game design?
While designing for web and designing games may seem completely different, they are not very different anymore. As any web designer would know, he or she will need to be aware of various 3D animation techniques and graphic designing techniques that are available today. By honing ones skills to suit a gaming lab, a web professional will be able to bring gaming to web designing. A rather curious situation, video gaming and web designing may actually go hand in hand.