5 Genres Dominating the World of Online Gaming

Computers have redefined the meaning of entertainment. It has revolutionized the gaming industry. Now a day you do not need be in a field to enjoy football. You can be a Special Forces operative even if you do not know how to fire a gun in real life. All these and more thanks to computer game. The advancement in internet related technologies has even enhanced this experience further. Now these games can also be played with your friends over the internet. There are many genres of games played by gamers. Out of them a few genres have won hearts all over the world. You can see many servers hosting these types of games over the internet.

Shooter game
Image: onlineactiongames.org

There are many widely played genres of online games some of them are:-

First Person Shooters:

The first person shooter genre is the hot favourite of worldwide gamers. In this game you will be given a gun and you have to shoot down your enemy and complete an objective. It can be solo or team based. Now a day this genre is being fused with strategy games to make a hybrid genre. So all the modern first person shooter games also have a lot of individual or team based tactics and strategy in them.