PC Games to Look Forward to in 2014

2013 was a massive year for gaming fans and 2014 is shaping up to be even more impressive. Some of the biggest games released in 2013 include Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0: A Realm Reborn (the much anticipated ‘fix’ of XIV after its disastrous release in 2010), Grand Theft Auto 5, easily one of the most looked forward to releases of the year, The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic zombie shooter game, and Metro: Last Light, another post-apocalyptic shooter game set in a world of poisonous air and mutants.

PC Games
Image: mariosworld.org

So what’s on the way in 2014? Plenty by the looks of things, so gamers certainly won’t be disappointed with what’s on the way over the next 12 months for PC and gaming consoles. Here’s a quick look at four of the most eagerly anticipated PC games for 2014, though if these aren’t to your liking which is unlikely, there are plenty of others on the way.