Tips for Volleyball Coaches on Dealing with Amateur Players

Assembling your own volleyball team isn’t an easy task. As we, all know, no matter how easy it might apparently seem to become a volleyball player, in reality it actually is quite a tough task. We have seen kids and youngsters playing volleyball on the streets and in the beach. They seem to be very smooth in their action and able to hit the ball perfectly. But, in case of a professional volleyball tournament these skills will be of no help.

Volleyball - Tips for Volleyball Coaches on Dealing with Amateur Players

Some of the amateur players might have outstanding skills. But, without the proper training there are negligible chances of them becoming volleyball pros. When one makes a team for himself it becomes quite a difficult task to bring players from different backgrounds, different skills and different knowledge about the game, under one roof. For instance, how well would you gel with the players and how whole-heartedly will they obey depends a lot on their age groups. Thus it is wise to start with imparting some basic tips first.

Make Things Simple

Remember, that the first days is not at all the right time to teach them techniques such as spiking, passing and servicing. This is because, most of the beginners will not have any idea about the technicalities you will be referring to. What they need to concentrate on is holding and passing the ball.

In case, you have chosen all or maximum young players for your team, you might need to shorten your field. This is important to let the players have a grip on things that are going on or are about to take place. Give them useful demos. You can win over the kids’ confidence if you can make them believe that you speak a language that they understand. Ask questions and encourage them to come up with queries. Interactive sessions boost up both knowledge and confidence.

Keep Your Cool

Do not get frustrated or lose your patience. Remember that the players you are dealing with are just kids, and it is quite normal that they wouldn’t get things perfected already. Teaching the spike technique might just turn out to be too frustrating.

Teaching Spiking Actions

You would need to use the tennis ball to teach a spike. Let the kids hold the ball through it towards the wall, so that it bounces back to the kid, who will have to catch it. This way the kids would come up with a clear sense of spiking action. The throwing action is similar to arm swing and wrist snaps of volleyball spiking.

Now, when you start teaching them the spike action, it will be easier for them to grip it, moreover the lessons would help them improve their skills. Let them practicing the wrist snaps and arm swings with the tennis ball itself, also try to make them jump while throwing the ball. Later, give them the volleyball instead of the tennis ball.

Coaching beginners is a heck of a task. But if you follow these tips by heart you will be able to make things easier for yourself.

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