A Quick Look at the Most Popular Wii Games

Wii games have become increasingly popular in the last few years. The reason behind the rapid growth of the popularity of Wii games are the excellent features that these games are stuffed with. Mentioned below are the names and features of some of the most popular Wii games.


Extremely Popular Wii Games

  • Super Mario Galaxy” This game is truly the most original among all the entries in the series of Super Mario Bros after “Super Mario 64”. Princess Peach is kidnapped by the browser and then taken to the outer space. Hence, Mario, by taking help from Princess Rosalina and the Lumas that look like stars, chase him and ventures into cosmos. Mario is taken by the player into numerous small planetoids. There Mario dodges several obstacles that are very creative and unique in nature. The storyline is quite simple but an extremely intuitive game play is very much necessary. The numerous planets that you will be taken to will provide you with a fun experience. There can be times when you feel that you are getting disoriented but the experience is certainly worth it.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl” “Super Smash Bros.” is arguably the greatest of all fighting game series. And this game, the third entry in the series, has many new characters and is higher in quality when compared to the other two. For the first time, there are third-party mascots featuring in a game. The mascots include Sonic the Hedgehog and Solid Snake. The most noticeable among the other items is the Final Smash Ball. Along with these, the story is really fun, there is a sticker system, new trophies, the ability of creating stages of your own, and many such other aspects are there that make the game truly exciting. This is surely a must-have game for someone who has Wii.
  • “Metroid Prime 3– This is the third and last part of the fantastic game trilogy called Metroid Prime. It features Samus Aran, who is certainly the most famous of all female protagonists. The plotline that was Phazon-oriented in the last two games has been continued in this game too. So, Dark Samus, the antagonist, is brought back. The earlier name of Dark Samus was Metroid Prime. The voice acting in the game is simply superb. The designs and graphics too are of high quality. The shooting controls are based on motion-sensor and that just adds to the appeal.
  • “Resident Evil 4– It is a remake of “Gamecube Game” that received a lot of critical acclamation. Leon S.Kennedy, the protagonist, returns in this game. The game is very action-oriented. The storyline is very complex and it has enough elements in it to keep you engrossed. In this game too, voice acting plays a key role in making it more attractive.

Mentioned above, are the names and features of some of the most popular Wii games that are gradually becoming a craze among the players. Their excellent features and interesting storylines make them so much exciting.

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