Five Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Xbox

  1. You need more memory

Almost every new version of technology seems to have an inordinate amount of space available when it is first purchased, but the onward march of progress means that this is surpassed fairly quickly by the latest models. As the software that you use becomes more complex, this in turn uses up more space and you end up with either a slow running machine, or one which can only cope with a couple of installations before it is completely jam packed. If you find that you are constantly having to spend time managing your memory space, then it is probably time to consider an upgrade.


  1. The noise is getting to you

Almost every new version of the Xbox release boasts a quieter running sound, made possible largely by more effective technology. As parts become more efficient, less effort is required to keep them cool, while at the same time the technology used to make those fans becomes more efficient itself. If you have noticed that your Xbox sounds like it is struggling, or if the sound is just enough to impinge on your enjoyment of your gaming, then it might well be time to splash out on a newer, quieter version.

  1. Better features

Whether you want in-built Wi-Fi, more space on your hard drive or just the latest Kinect technology so you do not have to worry about cables and connections while you use your Xbox, there are always new features on each release which are designed to appeal to fans. Even something as simple as the sensitivity of the buttons could make a big difference to your user experience, so consider even those features which do not make the headlines when making your decision.

  1. Aesthetics

Some people might enjoy the chucky retro look of technology from the last century, but very few want to give house space to an Xbox which is just larger than it needs to be. New technology is almost always smaller and more efficient that its predecessor, so upgrading could free up a little space or just make your console more appealing to look at. While there is a market for older models among fans and collectors, if you are thinking ‘I should sell my Xbox 362 and buy the newest version’ then you could probably even make enough to put towards a newer model straight away.

  1. Because early adopters cannot help themselves

If you just cannot bear the idea that you will not be one of the first to see how the next generation of gaming will look, then choosing not to upgrade may not even be an option. Reading reviews and having a go of the test models in your local shop are in no way comparable to unpacking the latest piece of hardware and getting to grips with all the latest and greatest features that could make it the best one yet. For those who are feeling altruistic, they may also be able to contribute to the finding and fixing of the almost inevitable bugs and have a hand in making the next version of their favourite consoles the best yet.