The 10 Best Games Of 2013

2013 has been quite a year for gaming. With the release of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 just prior to 2014, many people will be seeing out the last days of their current model. Whatever console you may have at the moment, you will be pleased to know that many games are compatible. Here I am going to look at what I feel are the best 10 games of 2013.

Ghost warrior jungle

Despite being distinctly average, Sniper: Ghost Warrior inexplicably scoped its way to a million sales, making this sequel as inevitable as a Call of Duty on-rails section.  But just as many games are its all about personal opinion and obviously someone is going to strongly disagree with me calling it distinctly average, judging by the sales figures.

Here are my top 10;


The pursuit of happiness is central to SimCity, the next logical step in Will Wright’s legendary god game series. Out goes dry city-planning to bore the dullest of drainage men; in come intuitive systems that play organically into each other.


A youthful Lara Croft is washed up on the shores of a mysterious island. She’s not the backflipping, dual pistol-wielding hero we’re used to: she’s inexperienced, and can only hold one pistol at a time; at least at the start. She is, for the first time, an actual character, as opposed to the shallow inflatable doll of the PSone games.


Under Kojima Productions, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was a methodical actioner where players could literally slice through anything – melons, cars, even level boundaries. Now, under Platinum, the developers responsible for the brilliant Bayonetta, it’s becomea bona fide hack-and-slash – fast, fluid and with little time to linger between each mad scenario.


Crytek face a tough challenge with Crysis 3: how do you reconcile a powerhouse shooter with ancient console hardware? A scalable engine. CryEngine 3 lets PS3 and 360 players run the game without it turning into a slideshow whilst still letting PC owners privy to all the volumetric clouds and lumpy frogs their rigs can handle.


An expansion in development for three years? With Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, Blizzard is certainly being thorough. Set shortly after Starcraft II, in 2506, you’ll play from the perspective of anti-hero Sarah Kerrigan, recently returned to her human state after a lengthy period of living Zerg. Twenty new missions centre on Kerrigan’s quest to assume leadership of the Zerg swarm in her human form, despite them being split into several rival broods.


Prequel God of War: Ascension promises to be another bloody and uncompromising outing for Kratos. The first gameplay footage revealed at E3 showed the perennially angry Spartan tearing the heads off goatmen, stabbing the tentacles of massive sea creature Charybdis, before ultimately slicing open a scalp to reveal the fleshy walnut brain within.


Gears of War: Judgment is the fourth game in Epic’s series, but the first on its timeline. Set just weeks after Emergence Day, you’ll control a slightly younger, slightly healthier-looking Baird and take command of Kilo Squad (which also features fan-favourite Augustus Cole), a group that, when you first meet them, are standing trial for treason after stealing experimental weaponry.


After upsetting some fans with its understandably generic box art, its latest trailer presents Bioshock: Infinite as some sort of all-out blasting frenzy. It’s perhaps to be expected, given that the game is designed to rope in what Creative Director Ken Levine calls the “frat boy” demographic, gamers who wouldn’t otherwise go for a 1912-set tale centred on a floating megacity where you have to rescue a damsel in distress from a giant robotic bird. Oh, and a man with giant hands.


A series criticised for its blandness has somehow contrived to be even less remarkable – the characters from the first two games have been replaced in Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel by the faceless “Alpha” and “Bravo”, literally A and B, who are strapping down for some cover-based shooting against Mexican drug cartels.


Fuse is a co-op shooter defined by its arsenal, with your squad of agents utilising alien technology to create some dynamic combat options; you’ll be cutting throats under the cover of invisibility as stealth-orientated Naya, before switching across to Jacob to tear through enemies using his devastating electric crossbow.

These are in no particular order and some of you reading this may disagree. You can order these games through online retailers or research more on various gaming sites such as These games, in my opinion, are the best! Why don’t you give them a go and let us know what you think?

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