The Best Games Consoles Ever Made

With the release of the new PS4 and Xbox One consoles only a couple of weeks away in the UK, I thought perhaps it might be time to write an article that provides a rundown of some of the best gaming machines ever made. Although you might think I’d start with the Commodore 64 or one of the earlier models, in truth, these products were pretty basic, and with game loading times of over half an hour, they weren’t really that impressive.

Console games

Don’t get me wrong, tape games were definitely the catalyst that helped to start the revolution we’ve seen in the quality of graphics and playability, but in my own personal opinion, the first models truly worthy of praise didn’t come until a few years later. Still, you might disagree, and if you do, feel free to comment and let me know.

Super Nintendo

First released in Japan in 1990s, this 16 bit console was the first in a long line of successful products made by the household brand name. Admittedly, the number of available games wasn’t truly impressive, but the quality of play and the speed of loading made them excellent for passing time and occupying our minds. This was the machine that alerted the entire world to Mario and his friends – which is another reason why it’s secured a place on my list.

Sega Mega Drive 2

Although there had been a number of other consoles from Sega before the launch of the Mega Drive 2, none were quite as functional or easy to use. This is where modern gaming really started to gain popularity with releases like Aladdin, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Streets of Rage. Also, Sonic made his first appearance during the lifespan of this machine, which is yet another reason why it’s worthy of mention.

Nintendo 64

This model was brought to market just after the release of the original PlayStation, and although it didn’t quite achieve the same level of notoriety, it was the first machine to play the James Bond game GoldenEye. Everyone who owned an N64 loved this game, and indeed it could be referred to as the father of modern first person shooters. Even today, design and production firms are remaking it on a yearly basis, and you can now buy it for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Sony PlayStation 3

Some of you might hate me for including this over the Xbox 360, but at the end of the day, it’s a much better machine, and if you disagree – you’re wrong. The PS3 is free to use online and swapping games with your friends does not mean you’ll have to pay an extra fee – unlike the Xbox. Plus, Sony is simply a much more desirable manufacturer with more experience at providing the best quality gaming.

Nowadays, many of us who prefer a more nostalgic experience spend the bulk of our time on websites like, as their games are very similar to some of the earliest releases we came across.

Well, that’s it from me guys. I’ll undoubtedly see you very soon.

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