Top 5 Most Popular Virtual World Games for Kids

Virtual world games are the latest in things for the kids of this generation. They love spending time playing some really fun games that take them to an almost real life world. Many games come with different languages and this also helps the kids understanding new languages and at least differentiating and identifying different languages.


Depending on different features and fun factor listed below are top 5 games of this genre that create awesome virtual worlds for kids.

  1. Club Penguin: This game already has over 90 million registered users and it is probably the number one online multi-player game of all times. The players get some kind of weird pleasure by controlling the tiny penguins on the screen. All the places and rooms that players get to explore in the game are visually appealing to say the least and the peppy music is a perfect ad-on. Players get to adopt small pets that called “puffles’.

In this game, players can take care of their pets; make new friends, visit parties, and complete different missions.

  1. Toontown: This is one of the most colourful 3D games out there to be played online. It is a unique world that you go into where “cogs”, that are nothing but robots are creating distraught across the town and you along with your team players must beat them through funny actions like throwing pies at the robot’s faces. Players get to create what they call a “toon” that are of different sizes, animals, colors and shapes. Then there also are tasks and missions, that can be designed in own home with own pets that are called “doodles”. Even walking all around the town checking out different colors and its overall beauty is an experience in itself. Characters called “jellybeans” will always bring smile across your face.
  1. Poptropica: This game is made by none other than Jeff Kinney, the same author who wrote the books of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. That itself is a reason big enough for the kids to start playing the game. Right after joining the game for the first time, you get to create a new character. The players get to customize everything about this character like clothes, skin color and their hair style. The names of the characters are generated by making use of adjectives and nouns. Some of the examples would be Magic Sky, Red Tree etc. You can even make new friends and finish missions together.
  1. Panfu: This virtual game is popular among the kids that are between six and thirteen. The players create their own pandas, interact with different players, play all the games and finish their quests on the Panfu Island. One of the unique features is “underwater school”, which helps the kids learn Spanish and mathematics.
  2. Habbo Hotel: This game is mainly for kids who are more than thirteen years old, which means it has a comparatively matured audience. There have been few protests against the how unsafe this game is as paedophiles have infiltrated this game many a times. The fact is these kinds of nonsense happen with most other games but looking at the rising problem, the game makers have increased the security around the chats and other features of the game. Many people that it is these kinds of news that has made this game more popular, however, the fact is the number of users of this game has always been one of the highest.

So, go ahead and enjoy these 5 cool games.

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Aldric Ray is an online gaming enthusiast and has been reviewing different online games through his chain of blogs for over 5 years. He is also a passionate singer, and loves to dance to the latest numbers too. He is currently writing for virtual worlds for kids.






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